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photo Hobo Stew Beef and Veggies in Foil Recipe | Say Mmm

Hobo Stew Beef and Veggies in Foil

This Hobo Stew Beef and Veggies in Foil recipe contains ground sirloin, yukon gold potatoes, fresh corn, zucchini, fresh green beans and more.
4 Servings -
photo Garden Pasta Recipe | Say Mmm

Garden Pasta

This Garden Pasta recipe contains penne pasta, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, zucchini, parmigiano-reggiano cheese and more.
8 Servings -
photo Grilled Greek Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Feta Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

Grilled Greek Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Feta Sauce

This Grilled Greek Chicken Kebabs with Mint-Feta Sauce recipe contains boneless, skinless chicken thighs, olive oil, feta, plain low-fat yogurt, zucchini and more.
4 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Summer Squash Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Summer Squash Salad

Summer squash salad. Zucchini carpaccio. Thinly sliced summer squash served with olive oil, lemon juice, mint, Parmesan cheese, and toasted pine nuts.
4 Servings -
photo Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Recipe | Say Mmm

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti

This Creamy Chicken Spaghetti recipe contains spaghetti, boneless skinless chicken breast, spaghetti sauce, philadelphia neufchatel cheese, zucchini and more.
6 Servings - 30 min -
photo Creamy Italian Chicken & Orzo Skillet Recipe | Say Mmm

Creamy Italian Chicken & Orzo Skillet

This Creamy Italian Chicken & Orzo Skillet recipe contains philadelphia italian cheese and herb cooking creme, orzo pasta, boneless skinless chicken breast, zucchini, tomatoes.
4 Servings - 24 min -
photo Summer Vegetable Skewer Recipe | Say Mmm

Summer Vegetable Skewer

Tri-colored bell peppers are the star of this colorful vegetable skewer recipe. The pepper's sweet, delicious flavor will soak into the zucchini, as the garlic-infused olive oil scents the earthy mushrooms. Vegetable skewers are a welcomed addition to any barbecue or cookout, and a great way to use fresh seasonal vegetables.
4 Servings - 35 min -
photo Macaroni & Cheese Drums Recipe | Say Mmm

Macaroni & Cheese Drums

This dish is inspired by timpano, a rustic Italian pastry dome filled with pasta, meatballs, cheese and eggs - the perfect way to use up leftovers and make a whole new meal. Adding frozen peas and carrots to boxed macaroni & cheese is an easy way to put some vegetables in this kid- favorite food. Line small ramekins with pastry, ham or grilled zucchini, fill it with the macaroni mixture, and your little ones will eat to the beat of their own individual drums! Click here to visit the new home of KitchenDaily!
6 Servings -
photo Egyptian Edamame Stew Recipe | Say Mmm

Egyptian Edamame Stew

A riff on the Egyptian classic ful medames, a highly seasoned fava bean mash, this version is made with easier-to-find edamame. Edamame (fresh green s
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Italian Layered Veggie Casserole Recipe | Say Mmm

Italian Layered Veggie Casserole

I'm happy to announce that FatFree Vegan Kitchen has been chosen as the featured blog in this month's Tried & Tasted, a blog event started by Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen and hosted this month by Vaishali at Holy Cow! The idea
6 Servings - 45 min -
photo Oven-Baked Quesadillas Recipe | Say Mmm

Oven-Baked Quesadillas

Hey---the Superbowl is coming up! And if you're looking for something to serve other than the standard fare (wings, wings...
6 Servings - 40 min -
photo Minestrone Soup 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Minestrone Soup

This Minestrone Soup recipe contains vegetable broth, elbow macaroni, can cannellini beans, olive oil, diced tomatoes and more.
8 Servings -
photo Roasted Vegetable Minestrone Recipe | Say Mmm

Roasted Vegetable Minestrone

After a summer of unrelenting Oklahoma heat---I'm talking a month at least of 100-plus degree days---to say I walked around i...
8 Servings - 40 min -
photo Summertime Cheese Grits with Vegetables Recipe | Say Mmm

Summertime Cheese Grits with Vegetables

This Summertime Cheese Grits with Vegetables recipe contains grits, pepper jack cheese, unsalted butter, bacon, frozen corn kernels and more.
4 Servings -
photo Cheesy Vegetable Rice Pilaf Recipe | Say Mmm

Cheesy Vegetable Rice Pilaf

This Cheesy Vegetable Rice Pilaf recipe contains long-grain white rice, grated parmesan cheese, chicken, butter, orzo pasta and more.
4 Servings -
photo Ratatouille 3 Recipe | Say Mmm


This Ratatouille recipe contains olive oil, eggplants, diced tomatoes, onions, red bell peppers and more.
8 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Fettuccine Alfredo 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Fettuccine Alfredo

Alfredo di Lello, the Roman restaurateur who created his signature sauc.e in the 1920s, might be startled to find this streamlined version that still
2 Servings - 35 min -
photo Slow-Cooker Vegetable Stew Recipe | Say Mmm

Slow-Cooker Vegetable Stew

This Slow-Cooker Vegetable Stew recipe contains chickpeas, carrots, turnips, can diced tomatoes, onion and more.
6 Servings - 7 hr -
photo Pasta Primavera 4 Recipe | Say Mmm

Pasta Primavera

Chick Food Alert: This one's for the ladies, gentlemen. I say that because, well, there's no meat in it. And I know there...
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Southwestern Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe | Say Mmm

Southwestern Chicken Stir-Fry

This Southwestern Chicken Stir-Fry recipe contains flour tortillas, skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cooking oil, cooking oil, black beans and more.
4 Servings -