About us

About Say Mmm

What's for dinner? Go from Hmm to Mmm. Say Mmm is designed to help you decide what to eat and get what you need. The service offers free tools for planning meals, organizing recipes, and shopping for groceries. A few of the things we believe are:

  • Stress less - More time should be spent enjoying food than worrying about it
  • Plan smart - Simple planning and organizing tools help save time and money
  • Discover easily - It should be easier to discover and share cooking and dining ideas

Say Mmm was founded by Brian Hutchins and is based in Sunnyvale, CA. The team has previous experience at Google, Yahoo, Colgate Palmolive, and various start ups.

If you have any questions about Say Mmm, please contact us at info@saymmm.com

Check out our page for PR info, and we have additional info for food bloggers here