Overview - Say Mmm is about helping parents save time and money getting dinner on the table. The website has several free meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe organizing features to help people go from Hmm to Mmm:

  • Meal planning - Easily plan meals by day, week, or month with an online calendar designed to work with your recipes and shopping lists.
  • Grocery lists - Simplify grocery lists with smart features that help you remember and organize the things you need to get.
  • Recipes - Save all your recipes and meal ideas in one place, organize them as you like, and just click to use them in meal plans and shopping lists.
  • Say Mmm Plus - In addition to the many free features, Say Mmm Plus has some additional premium features for $3/month.

Resources - For PR articles or reviews, below are some assets that can be used:

Contact - For questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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