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Let your lists help you remember and organize what you need, so you can save time grocery shopping

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Just click to add common items, things you buy often, or items for meals you have planned

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Print out your grocery list, organized by store and category, or check off items on a smart phone

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Using grocery lists

Instead of writing out grocery lists over and over, Say Mmm helps you by automating repetitive tasks and organizing items for you. Just click to add popular items or groceries you buy frequently, and have grocery items organized by store and area of the store. Say Mmm also creates automatic grocery lists with nutritional estimates for your recipes, so you can just add recipes to your plan or list to have the items you need appear in your grocery list. When you are ready to shop you can print out lists or view them from a smart phone (iPhone, Android phones, Blackberries, Palm, etc.)

For more features, the Say Mmm Plus plan lets you estimate your grocery budget ahead of time, spot sales in stores, and know the best prices to look for.

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