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Price tracking made easy

Save money and be more efficient with easier ways to track grocery prices and meal costs

Price tracking made easy - Say Mmm

Simple calorie counting

Eat healthier and have your meal calorie counts remembered and daily totals calculated for you

Simple calorie counting - Say Mmm

More recipe ideas

Save and organize as many recipes and recipe links as you like all in one place

More recipe ideas - Say Mmm
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Say Mmm has many free features to help you get dinner on the table without the hassle. And Say Mmm Plus has some extra features to let you do even more.

You can easily track grocery prices to estimate shopping budgets, find sales in the store, and know the best prices for groceries you buy often. View a price list of best prices and compare prices over time and at different stores. Count calories or track costs in your meal planning calendar and have daily totals calculated for you. Also, with Say Mmm Plus there is no limit to the number of recipes you can save and organize (the regular Say Mmm service lets you store 20 recipes for free), and the ads that support the free version are not shown.

You can try Say Mmm Plus free for two weeks, and its only $3/month to continue. That's only 10 cents a day.