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photo Chicken Street Tacos Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Street Tacos

Hey September Second, you're lookin' good today! Today, I'm going to share with you one of my favorite recipes in the history of recipes. These Chicken Street Tacos came together by accident and my goodness, It's probably one of the happiest accidents that I've had in the kitchen to date.   It's time for Fall. It's 62 degrees outside right now. The windows are open. Pepper is wearing the cutest little button down jean shirt and leggings. And here I am, in my pajamas still. Mom-life at its best. Pepper will forever be better dressed than me, but I'm okay
20 Servings -
photo Zee Bar Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Zee Bar Cookies

This recipe contains butter, rolled oats, semisweet chocolate chips, flaxseed meal, milk and more.
24 Servings -
photo Avocado Cilantro Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

Avocado Cilantro Sauce

Jump to Recipe This Dreamy, Creamy Avocado Cilantro Sauce takes just 5 minutes to make and is perfect for serving on tacos, over salads, with sweet potatoes, or simply with a side of chips for dipping. Let’s be honest, you’re going to eat it on everything. There was a time when I was in an exclusive relationship with...Read More »
6 Servings - 5 min -
photo Big Greek Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Big Greek Salad

This recipe contains extra-virgin olive oil, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and more.
6 Servings - 20 min -
photo Greek Pasta Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Pasta Salad

The fresh herbs, vegetables, and olives that characterize Greek cuisine are tossed with pasta in this sprightly salad recipe. Feta cheese gives it a tangy finish.
12 Servings - 2 hr 40 min -
photo Greek Quinoa Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Quinoa Salad

Lately, Meat-and-Potatoes-Guy and I can't get enough of those Greek-style pasta salads they sell at the grocery deli. All those bright, crisp flavors of lemon, tomato, cucumber, and fresh herbs are...
20 min -
photo Barley Greek Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Barley Greek Salad

This recipe contains pearled barley, extra-virgin olive oil, feta cheese, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes and more.
6 Servings - 4 hr 15 min -
photo Greek Squash Ribbon Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Squash Ribbon Salad

Ribbons of summer squash are dressed in a Greek vinaigrette for an appealing summertime salad. For effortless, paper-thin squash ribbons, use a vegetable peeler or a mandolin.
20 min -
photo Greek Salad from Cinnamon & Spice Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Salad from Cinnamon & Spice

This is a recreation of my parents favorite Greek diner meal. It is the Chicken Souvlaki platter that is made up of tender, marinated chicken pieces
photo Greek Salad 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Salad

This Greek Salad recipe contains olive oil, feta cheese, olives, cherry or grape tomatoes, cucumber and more.
6 Servings - 50 min -
photo Greek Salad with Chicken and Feta Croquettes Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Salad with Chicken and Feta Croquettes

This Greek Salad with Chicken and Feta Croquettes recipe contains canola oil, extra-virgin olive oil, plain bread crumbs, feta cheese, roasted chicken and more.
photo Greek Vegetable Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Vegetable Salad

This Greek Vegetable Salad recipe contains tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, red onion, kraft greek vinaigrette dressing and more.
4 Servings - 15 min -
photo Athenos Greek Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Athenos Greek Salad

This Athenos Greek Salad recipe contains plum tomatoes, athenos traditional crumbled feta cheese, pitted black olives, mixed salad greens, red onion and more.
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Greek Isles Pasta Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Isles Pasta Salad

If you can't make it to the Greek isles this year, make the much shorter trip to the aisles of your supermarket to create this smart pasta salad studded with feta and veggies.
8 Servings - 20 min -
photo Greek-Style Couscous Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek-Style Couscous Salad

This Greek-Style Couscous Salad recipe contains whole wheat couscous, athenos crumbled reduced fat feta cheese, tomato, cucumber slices, dill weed and more.
6 Servings - 1 hr 25 min -
photo Greek Spinach Salad with Tuna Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Spinach Salad with Tuna

This Greek Spinach Salad with Tuna recipe contains athenos traditional crumbled feta cheese, starkist tuna, grape tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, green pepper and more.
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Chicken Artichoke Skillet Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Artichoke Skillet

This quick-to-fix chicken entree featuring artichokes and olives has a real Greek flair. Seasoned with lemon juice and oregano, the stovetop chicken turns out moist and tender. —Carol Latimore, Arvada, Colorado Skip links
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Skillet Spaghetti Recipe | Say Mmm

Skillet Spaghetti

This has always been a favorite dish of our Sisters who work in a hospital. When we get back to the convent, it's a quick and easy recipe we've used for years. Served with Italian bread and a tossed salad, it makes an excellent meal. Skip links
4 Servings - 45 min -
photo Pizza Quesadillas 1 Recipe | Say Mmm

Pizza Quesadillas 1

When my husband and I needed a quick meal, I fixed this recipe using leftover ingredients. Unlike traditional Mexican quesadillas, it calls for Italian meats, cheeses and seasoning. Serve it with a green salad for a simple dinner for two. —Barbara Rupert, Edgefield, South Carolina Skip links
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Paleo italian dressing Recipe | Say Mmm

Paleo italian dressing

This Italian dressing recipe is so easy to make and tastes so much better than store bought. Just throw a few fresh ingredients into a bottle and shake. This paleo, keto, and Whole30 salad dressing will become your go-to Italian dressing! With a paleo salad dressing this easy, there's no excuse for using packaged dressings with ingredients like industrial vegetable oil, sugar, and thickeners. This quick homemade Italian dressing tastes so much better and is so much better for you. And it's naturally paleo, keto, Whole30, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and vegan. In other words, this is just about the healthiest, clean eating Italian
16 Servings - 5 min -