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photo Classic Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad

This recipe contains boneless skinless chicken breast, kraft grated parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons, mixed salad greens.
4 Servings -
photo Roasted Corn Pasta Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Roasted Corn Pasta Salad

This delicious pasta salad is the perfect accompaniment to Black Bean Burgers and it's always the side that I order with my meals at the Elk in Spokane. I've adapted their recipe to make at home. And although I'm definitely...
photo Everyday Italian Rice Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Everyday Italian Rice Salad

This simple, rustic salad has little golden bites of soft eggs, crunchy celery and carrots, and mild rice, coated with a basil and garlic vinaigrette.
6 Servings -
photo Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Salad

This gluten free, dairy free salad features quinoa and all of the flavors of buffalo chicken.
4 Servings -
photo Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwiches Recipe | Say Mmm

Picnic Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Cream of celery soup is the secret ingredient that makes this chicken salad creamy and flavorful...served on sesame seed buns, these sandwiches are sure to disappear quickly!
6 Servings -
photo Fiesta Taco Salad with Beans Recipe | Say Mmm

Fiesta Taco Salad with Beans

Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook shares a recipe! Here's a recipe keeper—taco salad that's ready in 20 minutes!
5 Servings - 20 min -
photo Southwestern Black Bean Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Southwestern Black Bean Salad

This Southwestern Black Bean Salad recipe contains black beans, extra virgin olive oil, hass avocado, corn, tomato and more.
12 Servings -
photo Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad

This Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad recipe contains new potatoes, olive oil, fresh green beans, red onion, apple cider vinegar and more.
photo Tomato Salad with Crushed Croutons Recipe | Say Mmm

Tomato Salad with Crushed Croutons

This Tomato Salad with Crushed Croutons recipe contains olive oil, white bread, olive oil, cherry or grape tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese and more.
photo Tomato, Onion, Avocado Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Tomato, Onion, Avocado Salad

Fresh tomato, red onion, and avocado salad, seasoned Italian style with oregano, fresh parsley, garlic, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper.
photo Two Potato Salad with Roasted Pecans Recipe | Say Mmm

Two Potato Salad with Roasted Pecans

A unique twist on classic summer potato salad, this recipe offers a new way to enjoy some of our favorite holiday flavors - ginger, sweet potatoes, brown sugar and toasted pecans - any time of the year.
25 min -
photo Grilled Sausage and Pepper Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Grilled Sausage and Pepper Salad

Move beyond the bun and enjoy grilled, house-made Italian sausage, feta cheese and sweet, roasted peppers in a green salad that is ideal for summertime eating. Optionally, serve with crusty bread and oil and vinegar on the table.
4 Servings -
photo Asparagus Gorgonzola Steak Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Asparagus Gorgonzola Steak Salad

This Asparagus Gorgonzola Steak Salad recipe contains sirloin steak, olive oil, gorgonzola cheese, yellow tomatoes, walnuts and more.
photo Herbed French Lentil Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Herbed French Lentil Salad

This Herbed French Lentil Salad recipe is perfect for summertime picnics or potlucks. If you can't find French lentils, use brown lentils.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Citrus Salad with Pomegranate Seeds Recipe | Say Mmm

Citrus Salad with Pomegranate Seeds

The fruit can be segmented one day ahead and stored in its juices in the refrigerator. The salad can be loosely covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to eight hours.
12 Servings - 45 min -
photo Napa Cabbage Picnic Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Napa Cabbage Picnic Salad

This napa cabbage picnic salad combines Chinese napa cabbage, radishes, snow peas, toasted slivered almonds, with a sweet soy mayo dressing.
15 Servings -
photo Greek Squash Ribbon Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Greek Squash Ribbon Salad

Ribbons of summer squash are dressed in a Greek vinaigrette for an appealing summertime salad. For effortless, paper-thin squash ribbons, use a vegetable peeler or a mandolin.
20 min -
photo Strawberry Mango Avocado Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Strawberry Mango Avocado Salad

This Strawberry Mango Avocado Salad recipe contains avocado, mango, honey, strawberries, cayenne and more.
photo Corn Fritter Salad Stack Recipe | Say Mmm

Corn Fritter Salad Stack

Corn is grilled and seasoned with green onions and cayenne sauce in these tasty spiced flapjacks. The grilled corn fritters make an ideal base to this salad stacked with alternating layers of tomato slices and arugula dressed in a red wine vinaigrette.
4 Servings -
photo Festive Cranberry-Pineapple Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Festive Cranberry-Pineapple Salad

This Festive Cranberry-Pineapple Salad recipe contains JELL-O Raspberry Flavor Gelatin, PLANTERS Walnuts, DOLE Crushed Pineapple, whole berry cranberry sauce, DOLE DOLE Apple.
14 Servings - 5 hr 40 min -