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photo Chicken Parmesan 11 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Parmesan

Classic Chicken Parm recipe with breaded chicken breasts, swimming in tomato sauce, topped with basil, and Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.
4 Servings -
photo Chicken Piccata 11 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata recipe, chicken breast cutlets, dredged in flour, browned, served with sauce of butter, lemon juice, capers, and stock or wine.
4 Servings - 20 min -
photo Chicken Parmigiana Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Parmigiana

This Chicken Parmigiana recipe contains chicken cutlets, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, grated Parmesan cheese, plain breadcrumbs and more.
4 Servings - 35 min -
photo Parmesan Chicken 4 Recipe | Say Mmm

Parmesan Chicken

The best Chicken Parmesan recipe ever. Chicken parts dipped in melted butter, dredged in bread crumbs and Parmesan, and baked until crisp.
6 Servings - 30 min -
photo Original Chicken Pot Pie Recipe | Say Mmm

Original Chicken Pot Pie

This Original Chicken Pot Pie recipe contains cooked chicken, butter, frozen corn kernels, whole milk, frozen peas and more.
8 Servings -
photo Mom's Chicken Enchiladas Recipe | Say Mmm

Mom's Chicken Enchiladas

Tex Mex chicken enchiladas, corn tortillas dipped in red chili sauce, rolled up with cooke chicken, covered with more sauce and shredded cheese, and baked.
4 Servings -
photo BBQ Chicken Tenders 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

BBQ Chicken Tenders

This BBQ Chicken Tenders recipe contains chicken tenders, barbecue sauce, dry breadcrumbs, all-purpose flour, eggs and more.
2 Servings - 1 hr 30 min -
photo Chicken and Dumplings 12 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken and Dumplings

Classic chicken and dumplings recipe, a hearty chicken and vegetable stew with homemade dumplings.
6 Servings - 4 hr -
photo Broccoli Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Broccoli Chicken

Broccoli Chicken - chicken breasts are velveted and then combined with broccoli in an oyster sauce.
4 Servings -
photo Chicken Salad 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna git. Everyone likes chicken salad different ways:...
6 Servings - 1 hr 20 min -
photo Two-Mustard Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Two-Mustard Chicken

This Two-Mustard Chicken recipe contains boneless skinless chicken breasts, honey, dijon mustard, mustard.
4 Servings - 40 min -
photo Chicken and Dumplings 13 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken and Dumplings

This Chicken and Dumplings recipe contains all-purpose flour, all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, chicken broth, carrots and more.
8 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Chicken and Dumplings 11 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken and Dumplings

Friends rave every time I make this dish. It's a comfort food recipe, and I especially enjoy making it on cold or rainy days. I often use a whole chicken cut into pieces and skinned. You can make the store-bought chicken stock taste more like homemade by adding some fresh herbs and parsley and simmering until it's reduced by half.
8 Servings -
photo Chicken Gyros 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Gyros

This Chicken Gyros recipe contains chicken pieces, plain yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, plain yogurt and more.
6 Servings -
photo Chicken Scallopine Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Scallopine

If you're looking for a classic, no modifications, authentic recipe for Chicken Scallopine/Scallopini, this probably isn'...
6 Servings - 30 min -
photo Chicken Piccata 9 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Piccata

This is how you make Chicken Piccata when you're out of capers and you have a pathological fear of cooking anything without a...
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Tandoori Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Tandoori Chicken

Grilled tandoori chicken, marinated in lemon juice, buttermilk, and aromatic spices.
4 Servings - 15 min -
photo Cranberry Chicken 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Cranberry Chicken

Cranberry Chicken is one of those classic fix-and-forget meals I find myself coming back to over, and over. Once A Month Mom
6 Servings -
photo Chicken Teriyaki Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Teriyaki

This Chicken Teriyaki recipe contains sesame oil, light brown sugar, mirin, vegetable oil, sake and more.
6 Servings -
photo Cashew Chicken 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Cashew Chicken

Cashew Chicken: A favorite Chinese takeout dish made at home couldn't be easier.
4 Servings - 1 hr -