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photo cream of mushroom soup 4 Recipe | Say Mmm

cream of mushroom soup

This recipe contains margarine, coconut milk, all-purpose flour, chicken broth, white mushrooms and more.
3 Servings - 30 min -
photo Pot Roast with Gravy Recipe | Say Mmm

Pot Roast with Gravy

Comfort food without calorie overload. This pot roast with savory gravy, carrots and potatoes is prepped in 15 and comes out of the slow cooker low fat and low cal.
10 Servings - 6 hr 15 min -
photo Three Envelope Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Three Envelope Pot Roast

This Three Envelope Pot Roast recipe contains beef roast, salsa, au jus mix, onion soup mix, italian dressing mix.
photo Perfect Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Perfect Pot Roast

Note: Today, since I'm making pot roast on my Food Network show, I'm bringing this, one of my very early cooking posts on The...
10 Servings - 20 min -
photo Port Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Port Pot Roast

This recipe contains chuck roast, baby carrots, beef broth, chipotle in adobo, garlic cloves and more.
photo Roast Beef Recipe | Say Mmm

Roast Beef

This Roast Beef recipe contains flour, beef stock.
12 Servings -
photo Yankee Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Yankee Pot Roast

I love my crock-pot! Here is our family favorite Yankee Pot Roast recipe that we've been enjoying for years. A great autumn or winter comfort dinner. Thicken the gravy to serve over the beef and vegetables, and add a side of horseradish, if desired.
8 Servings - 10 hr 15 min -
photo Mushroom Streudels Recipe | Say Mmm

Mushroom Streudels

This Mushroom Streudels recipe contains pastry, butter, mushrooms, egg, onion and more.
photo Mushroom Antipasto Recipe | Say Mmm

Mushroom Antipasto

Mushroom Antipasto with Thyme and Mustard Recipe. This was a dish made for a picnic - it's just meant to be eaten chilled, in little servings with...
photo Classic Beef Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Classic Beef Pot Roast

If you're looking for a traditional pot roast recipe, try this 5-star, no-fail version. Cuts of beef that perform well for pot roasting go by many different names: Blade roast, cross-rib roast (or shoulder clod), seven-bone pot roast, arm pot roast, and boneless chuck roast are all acceptable cuts.
10 Servings -
photo Polynesian Roast Beef Recipe | Say Mmm

Polynesian Roast Beef

This Polynesian Roast Beef recipe contains beef top round roast, brown sugar, all-purpose flour, unsweetened sliced pineapple, cornstarch and more.
11 Servings - 7 hr 15 min -
photo Perfect Roast Chicken 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Perfect Roast Chicken

This Perfect Roast Chicken recipe contains chicken, roast chicken, lemon, freshly ground black pepper, kosher salt.
photo Top Round Beef Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Top Round Beef Roast

This Top Round Beef Roast recipe contains beef roast, olive oil, olive oil, beef broth, pepper and more.
photo Super Easy Pot Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Super Easy Pot Roast

Three mixes and a bit of juice are the secret to this no-fail roast beef.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches

This recipe contains sandwich buns, cheese, roast beef, mayonnaise, dressing and more.
12 Servings - 40 min -
photo Crispy Potato Roast Recipe | Say Mmm

Crispy Potato Roast

This Crispy Potato Roast recipe contains russet potatoes, thyme, extra-virgin olive oil, unsalted butter, shallots and more.
photo All American Roast Beef 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

All American Roast Beef

This is your basic everyday eye round roast beef. Simply cooked to perfection. Serve it to family or company. The secret is in the time cooked. 20 minutes per pound at 375 degrees.
6 Servings - 5 min -
photo Sweet Roast Pumpkin Recipe | Say Mmm

Sweet Roast Pumpkin

This recipe contains ground cinnamon, olive oil, brown sugar, ground nutmeg, ground clove.
30 min -
photo Pot Roast Chicken Casserole Recipe | Say Mmm

Pot Roast Chicken Casserole

This recipe contains potatoes, chicken, olive oil, white wine, onion and more.
8 Servings - 20 min -
photo Cream of Mushroom Soup 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Cream of Mushroom Soup

This Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe contains vegetable broth, mushrooms, italian seasoning, milk, juice and more.