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photo Chinese Chilled Noodles Recipe | Say Mmm

Chinese Chilled Noodles

This Chinese Chilled Noodles recipe contains canola oil, noodles, sesame oil, granulated sugar, cayenne and more.
8 Servings - 3 hr 5 min -
photo Quick and Easy Fried Rice Recipe | Say Mmm

Quick and Easy Fried Rice

Fried rice meets all our requirements for a fast weeknight meal: minimal prep work required, quick to pull together, and deeply satisfying. We like ours with plenty of savory soy sauce and a kick of hot red pepper! Our version is vegetarian, but you could certainly add some shrimp or stir-fried beef if you like. Take a look!
4 Servings -
photo Pork and Edamame Fried Rice Recipe | Say Mmm

Pork and Edamame Fried Rice

Thai chili sauce, cilantro, and roasted peanuts add zip to this easy dish. For the best texture and flavor, use leftover rice, which has less moisture than fresh-cooked grains.
4 Servings -
photo Mongolian Beef Crock Pot Recipe | Say Mmm

Mongolian Beef Crock Pot

This Mongolian Beef Crock Pot recipe contains flank steak, brown sugar, cornstarch, cooking sherry, white wine and more.
2 Servings -
photo Orange Chicken 5 Recipe | Say Mmm

Orange Chicken

Today I'm back with yet another Chinese-American dish
6 Servings -
photo Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe | Say Mmm

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps recipe contains ground chicken, oil, brown sugar, water chestnuts, mushrooms and more.
2 Servings - 20 min -
photo Kung Pao Tofu Recipe | Say Mmm

Kung Pao Tofu

Tofu and lots of fresh vegetables are stir-fried in just a bit of oil in this traditional Chinese dish. In the Sichuan province of China where this di
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Shrimp Fried Rice 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Shrimp Fried Rice

This Shrimp Fried Rice recipe contains rice, vegetable oil, eggs, frozen mixed vegetables, white onion and more.
2 Servings - 55 min -
photo Mongolian Beef 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Mongolian Beef

There are just some dishes I don't think about making at home because there are plenty of times when going out is just plain worth it
2 Servings -
photo Chinese Chicken Salad 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chinese Chicken Salad

This Chinese Chicken Salad recipe contains chicken breasts, oil for frying, can mandarin oranges, lettuce, cucumber and more.
6 Servings -
photo Sesame Chicken 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Sesame Chicken

Make low-calorie Chinese food at home with this easy, healthy chicken dinner recipe. More
4 Servings -
photo Chicken Fried Rice 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Fried Rice

This Chicken Fried Rice recipe contains brown rice, boneless, skinless chicken thighs, eggs, vegetable oil, broccoli florets and more.
4 Servings -
photo Jampong (Chinese-Style Seafood Noodle Soup) Recipe | Say Mmm

Jampong (Chinese-Style Seafood Noodle Soup)

This Jampong (Chinese-Style Seafood Noodle Soup) recipe contains olive oil, mussels, bay scallops, squid, stock and more.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Mongolian Beef 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Mongolian Beef

This Mongolian Beef recipe contains flank steak, brown sugar, canola oil, corn starch, soy sauce and more.
2 Servings -
photo Mongolian Beef 4 Recipe | Say Mmm

Mongolian Beef

One of my favorite things to order out when we get Chinese is Mongolian beef. I love ginger and garlic together (one of the world's most perfect pairings in my opinion), and I love the slight heat from the red
2 Servings -
photo Tijuana Torta Recipe | Say Mmm

Tijuana Torta

A Mexican-style torta is just like a burrito, except the
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Award-Winning Sesame Noodles Recipe | Say Mmm

Award-Winning Sesame Noodles

This Award-Winning Sesame Noodles recipe contains toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, chile paste, green onions and more.
4 Servings -
photo Sweet Potatoes Gratin Recipe | Say Mmm

Sweet Potatoes Gratin

This Sweet Potatoes Gratin recipe contains sweet potatoes, cream cheese, milk, butter, nutmeg and more.
4 Servings -
photo Roasted Garlic Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe | Say Mmm

Roasted Garlic Twice-Baked Potatoes

Fresh roasted garlic swirled into baked potato with Velveeta and Parmesan, then baked again. Scrumptious. You'll be thanked every time these cheesy delights appear at dinner.
8 Servings - 1 hr 45 min -
photo Lemon Parsley Potatoes Recipe | Say Mmm

Lemon Parsley Potatoes

This Lemon Parsley Potatoes recipe contains red potatoes, butter, fresh parsley, lemon juice.
8 Servings - 25 min -