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photo Taco Salad Stuffed Peppers Recipe | Say Mmm

Taco Salad Stuffed Peppers

Swap green peppers for deep-fried tortilla shells and enjoy this healthy twist on a taco salad.
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Baked Mozzarella Bites Recipe | Say Mmm

Baked Mozzarella Bites

These easy-to-make appetizers are sure to both surprise and delight your guests with the great flavor of fried mozzarella sticks without the frying step!
15 Servings - 20 min -
photo Bananas Foster Chimichangas Recipe | Say Mmm

Bananas Foster Chimichangas

These fried, sweet burrito-like bundles are stuffed with a tried-and-true mixture of banana slices, butter, brown sugar and spiced rum.
4 Servings - 2 min -
photo Nutty Okra Recipe | Say Mmm

Nutty Okra

Salted dry-roasted peanuts add a nutty bite to this fried okra treat. Set out these crunchy bites as an appetizer before the main event.
4 Servings - 42 min -
photo Triple Dipped Beer Battered Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Triple Dipped Beer Battered Chicken

This is the crispiest, spiciest, homemade fried chicken I have ever tasted! It is equally good served hot or cold and has been a picnic favorite in my family for years.
6 Servings - 30 min -
photo Oreo 'Doughnuts' Recipe | Say Mmm

Oreo 'Doughnuts'

Chocolate sandwich cookies are dipped in doughnut batter and deep-fried until crisp and golden brown. Serve warm with powdered sugar.
24 Servings - 25 min -
photo Seared Scallops with Crispy Leeks Recipe | Say Mmm

Seared Scallops with Crispy Leeks

Herb-crusted scallops served with crispy baked leeks make an easy yet impressive dish to serve to friends. You may have seen “frizzled” or fried l
4 Servings -
photo Loco Moco Recipe | Say Mmm

Loco Moco

The Hawaiian loco-moco is a seriously rib-sticking breakfast dish of rice topped with hamburger patties, onions and fried eggs. Here’s my simpler, more...
4 Servings - 1 hr 20 min -
photo Southwest Egg Rolls Recipe | Say Mmm

Southwest Egg Rolls

Moderately crispy with a rich and creamy filling, these semi-spicy appetizers taste like they’ve been fried. —Danielle Booth, minneapolis, Minnesota
30 Servings - 45 min -
photo Turkey Meatloaf Recipe | Say Mmm

Turkey Meatloaf

This Turkey Meatloaf recipe contains re-fried beans, ground turkey, olive oil, mushrooms, egg whites and more.
10 Servings -
photo Cheesy Chili Fries Recipe | Say Mmm

Cheesy Chili Fries

This Cheesy Chili Fries recipe contains frozen french fried potatoes, cheez whiz cheese dip, chili.
12 Servings - 22 min -
photo Crispy Herbed Shrimp with Chive Aioli Recipe | Say Mmm

Crispy Herbed Shrimp with Chive Aioli

Crispy Herbed Shrimp with fresh herbs and chive aioli is an indulgent, yet lightened, take on traditional fried shrimp.
4 Servings -
photo Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken Chimichangas Recipe | Say Mmm

Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken Chimichangas

Though still debated, Tucson is generally credited as the original home of the chimichanga (fried "burro", as we call them, stuffed with meat, onions and chilies). I've combined several recipes into this one, and it's fairly authentic.
12 Servings - 30 min -
photo Chicken Cutlets with Bell Pepper Ragout Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Cutlets with Bell Pepper Ragout

Broiled peppers, tomatoes, and onions become a luscious topping for quickly sautéed chicken breast cutlets. The fried caper garnish adds a crisp, salty note.
4 Servings -
photo Garlic Ginger Singapore Noodles Recipe | Say Mmm

Garlic Ginger Singapore Noodles

These stir fried Singapore Noodles are soaked in a garlic ginger sauce and tossed with bright, fresh veggies. Simple, fresh, yum.
4 Servings -
photo Swiss Vegetable Bake for a Crowd Recipe | Say Mmm

Swiss Vegetable Bake for a Crowd

You think they won't eat vegetables...think again.  This hearty and satisfying dish features a colorful vegetable combination stirred into a savory cream sauce, topped with Swiss cheese and fried onion rings. It's delicious!
12 Servings - 55 min -
photo Chef John's Patatas Bravas Recipe | Say Mmm

Chef John's Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas is a classic Spanish dish of fried potato cubes served with a spicy dipping sauce. Serve them up as a crowd-pleasing appetizer or side dish.
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Italian Sausage Soup with Cheese Tortellini Recipe | Say Mmm

Italian Sausage Soup with Cheese Tortellini

Feast or Famine. Half the year my husband is really busy with work and gone a lot and the other half he has a lot more leisure time to spend with us. Thank goodness because I was pretty fried there for a while. It takes about a week for us all to adjust to him being home more. …
8 Servings -
photo Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

Crispy Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce

Panko is the secret ingredient that makes these crispy, oven-fried fish fillets a family favorite. The lemon-dill sauce is the perfect compliment and great for dipping. For sustainability reasons, be sure to choose Alaskan cod, or substitute halibut or even tilapia.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Hot-and-Crunchy Chicken Cones Recipe | Say Mmm

Hot-and-Crunchy Chicken Cones

Chef Way Austin's The Mighty Cone food trailer has become famous for its Hot-and-Crunchy Cones: fried chicken coated in an ingenious mix of cornflakes, slivered almonds and sesame seeds, then wrapped in a tortilla with a mango-jalapeño slaw and a spicy ancho "paint."
6 Servings - 1 hr 5 min -