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photo Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies

These easy Christmas Gooey Butter Cookies are so easy to make! It's amazing how yummy a cookie made from a cake mix can taste!
photo Butter Chicken 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Butter Chicken

The best, most authentic butter chicken recipe out there! Restaurant-style butter chicken (murgh makhani) right at home with simple ingredients!
5 Servings - 48 hr -
photo Sweet Potatoes with Warm Black Bean Salad 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Sweet Potatoes with Warm Black Bean Salad

For a satisfying last-minute supper, it's hard to beat a sweet potato zapped in the microwave. The fragrant filling of beans and tomatoes adds protein. Be sure to eat the skin, which is full of fiber, as well.
4 Servings -
photo Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes are cute, pastel-striped cheesecakes. They're an easy Easter dessert with no baking required!
6 Servings - 20 min -
photo Potsticker Dumplings Recipe | Say Mmm

Potsticker Dumplings

This Potsticker Dumplings recipe contains won ton wrappers, ground pork, oil, egg, soy sauce and more.
24 Servings - 1 hr 5 min -
photo Hot and Spicy Brittle Recipe | Say Mmm

Hot and Spicy Brittle

This Hot and Spicy Brittle recipe contains planters dry roasted peanuts, planters sliced almonds, sugar, light corn syrup, butter or margarine and more.
14 Servings - 20 min -
photo Pizza Tart Recipe | Say Mmm

Pizza Tart

This Pizza Tart recipe contains cool whip whipped topping, butter or margarine, jell-o lemon flavor gelatin, banana, raspberries.
12 Servings - 2 hr 45 min -
photo Gluten Free Dairy Free Oatmeal Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Gluten Free Dairy Free Oatmeal Bars

Healthy and delicious, these gluten free, dairy free oatmeal bars deliver on-the-go convenience for a quick breakfast or snack - a portable energy boost that can be tucked into a lunchbox or knapsack.
8 Servings -
photo Lemon-Coconut Squares Recipe | Say Mmm

Lemon-Coconut Squares

Every sweet, chewy bite is better than the last. Prepped in just 10 minutes, this is what you're bringing next time.
20 Servings - 3 hr 40 min -
photo Mudballs (Peanut Butter and Oats) Recipe | Say Mmm

Mudballs (Peanut Butter and Oats)

This Mudballs (Peanut Butter and Oats) recipe contains peanut butter, honey, oatmeal, sesame seeds, chocolate chips and more.
photo Cheesy Wild Rice Soup Recipe | Say Mmm

Cheesy Wild Rice Soup

We often eat easy-to-make soups when there's not a lot of time to cook. I replaced the wild rice requested in the original recipe with a boxed rice mix to make it even faster.
8 Servings -
photo Taco Joe Dip Recipe | Say Mmm

Taco Joe Dip

This recipe was given to us by our daughter. My husband and I love it. Because it's made in a slow cooker, it's great for parties or busy days. —Lang Secrest, Sierra Vista, Arizona
28 Servings - 5 hr 5 min -
photo Vegetable Latkes Recipe | Say Mmm

Vegetable Latkes

This Vegetable Latkes recipe contains eggs, onions, zucchini, cloves of garlic.
photo Breakfast Banana Split Recipe | Say Mmm

Breakfast Banana Split

This Breakfast Banana Split recipe contains maraschino cherries, cottage cheese, banana, pineapple chunks, honey and more.
10 min -
photo Light Pickle Bites Recipe | Say Mmm

Light Pickle Bites

This Light Pickle Bites recipe contains oscar mayer boiled ham, claussen kosher dill mini pickle, baby carrots, good seasons italian dressing mix for fat free dressing.
16 Servings - 24 hr 20 min -
photo The Baked Potato Recipe | Say Mmm

The Baked Potato

This The Baked Potato recipe contains russet potato.
1 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists Recipe | Say Mmm

Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists

This recipe is one of our family's very favorite recipes. I originally adapted it from an old, falling-apart Better Homes and Gardens bread cookbook my mom had when we were growing up. I've made these countless times and they are
photo Mashed Potatoes Recipe | Say Mmm

Mashed Potatoes

This Mashed Potatoes recipe contains Yukon Gold potatoes, butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, cream of tartar and more.
photo Quick Pinto Beans Recipe | Say Mmm

Quick Pinto Beans

This Quick Pinto Beans recipe contains pinto beans, oscar mayer smoked ham, oil, onions, grey poupon dijon mustard and more.
12 Servings - 35 min -
photo Slow Cooker Marinara Recipe | Say Mmm

Slow Cooker Marinara

This Slow Cooker Marinara recipe contains crushed tomatoes, can tomato paste, brown sugar, yellow onion, balsamic vinegar and more.
13 Servings - 8 hr 10 min -