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Basic information on how to cook with tofu so that it has a crispy, delicious, brown crust and a great flavor
photo Classic Bacon, Lettuce & Sliced Tomato Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Classic Bacon, Lettuce & Sliced Tomato Salad

This Classic Bacon, Lettuce & Sliced Tomato Salad recipe contains lettuce leaves, oscar mayer bacon pieces, kraft italian dressing, kraft shredded mozzarella cheese, tomatoes.
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Boston Lettuce Avocado Salad and Lime Dressing Recipe | Say Mmm

Boston Lettuce Avocado Salad and Lime Dressing

This Boston Lettuce Avocado Salad and Lime Dressing recipe contains extra-virgin olive oil, hass avocado, limes, sugar, whole-grain mustard and more.
8 Servings - 15 min -
photo Blt Wraps Recipe | Say Mmm

Blt Wraps

This Blt Wraps recipe contains bacon, flour tortillas, mayonnaise, tomato, banana pepper rings and more.
photo Tofu Quesadilla Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu Quesadilla

This recipe contains shredded cheddar cheese, shredded mozzarella cheese, firm tofu, flour tortilla, eggs and more.
photo Tofu and tomatoes Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu and tomatoes

Here’s a dish I enjoyed a lot growing up. It’s a very simple Dau Sot Ca Chua recipe that is my comfort food. As a kid I ate this a lot, but never even considered the work my parents or grandma would put into making this. It would kind of just appear during dinner time (I appreciate it much more now!).
4 Servings - 1 hr 5 min -
photo Crunchy Tofu Recipe | Say Mmm

Crunchy Tofu

This recipe contains panko, soy sauce, green onions, clove garlic, sriracha sauce and more.
photo Tofu Reubens Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu Reubens

This recipe contains swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, rye bread, unsalted butter, extra-virgin olive oil and more.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Thai Lettuce Bundles Recipe | Say Mmm

Thai Lettuce Bundles

This Thai Lettuce Bundles recipe contains romaine lettuce leaves, hoisin sauce, planters dry roasted peanuts, carrots, bean sprouts and more.
24 Servings - 10 min -
photo Caesar Lettuce Wrap Recipe | Say Mmm

Caesar Lettuce Wrap

This Caesar Lettuce Wrap recipe contains leaf lettuce leaves, oscar mayer smoked turkey breast, kraft 2% milk, tomato, red onions and more.
10 min -
photo Vegetable Moo Shu Wraps Recipe | Say Mmm

Vegetable Moo Shu Wraps

Skip the restaurant, and enjoy Chinese food at home with a veggie stir-fry served with hoisin sauce and moo shu pancakes (found in the frozen section of Asian markets). To assemble, smear hoisin on a pancake, spoon in stir-fry, and roll like a burrito. Vegans can substitute rice paper wrappers and swap baked tofu strips for the eggs and agave syrup for the honey.
8 Servings -
photo Sesame Baked Tofu Recipe | Say Mmm

Sesame Baked Tofu

Rich and nutty pieces of baked tofu are perfect for adding to stir-fry or curry dishes, but they are also delicious on their own. Extra-firm tofu will hold up well to the marinating called for in this recipe, though some...
photo Tomato and tofu eggs Recipe | Say Mmm

Tomato and tofu eggs

This recipe contains oil, eggs, soft tofu, tomatoes, ketchup and more.
3 Servings - 20 min -
photo Tofu & Roasted Vegetables Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu & Roasted Vegetables

This Tofu & Roasted Vegetables recipe contains soymilk, margarine, Gravy, parsnip, carrots and more.
photo Tofu Popcorn Chick'n Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu Popcorn Chick'n

This recipe contains olive oil, extra firm tofu, nutritional yeast, garbanzo flour, mustard and more.
photo Smoky Miso Tofu Recipe | Say Mmm

Smoky Miso Tofu

This Smoky Miso Tofu recipe contains Sugar, Miso, Nutritional Yeast, Tamari, Lemon Juice and more.
18 Servings -
photo Tofu Kimchi Dumplings Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu Kimchi Dumplings

I like to make and freeze a big batch of Asian dumplings like these tofu and kimchi-filled Korean mandu. They're easy to heat up as a bite to eat between running to events and make a nice appetizer for guests, too.
48 Servings -
photo Claypot Tofu Rice Recipe | Say Mmm

Claypot Tofu Rice

This Claypot Tofu Rice recipe contains rice, cake, ginger, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and more.
photo Tofu Stuffing Quiche Recipe | Say Mmm

Tofu Stuffing Quiche

I think it was 2 years ago when I went a little stuffing crazy, trying to reinvent the classic in ...
3 Servings -
photo Thai Turkey Lettuce Wrap Recipe | Say Mmm

Thai Turkey Lettuce Wrap

This Thai Turkey Lettuce Wrap recipe contains lettuce leaves, oscar mayer smoked turkey breast, miracle whip light dressing, kraft 2% milk, teriyaki sauce.
10 min -