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photo Bread 2.0 Gluten Free Recipe | Say Mmm

Bread 2.0 Gluten Free

This easy gluten free bread recipe is made with heart healthy almond flour. It is great toasted and spread with goat cheese, nut butter or dipped in olive oil.
1 Servings -
photo Irish Soda Bread 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Irish Soda Bread

Quick and easy Irish soda bread recipe with flour, baking soda, salt, buttermilk, raisins, an egg, and a touch of sugar.
55 min -
photo No-Knead Bread in a Hurry Recipe | Say Mmm

No-Knead Bread in a Hurry

Remember no-knead bread? A year ago this Thursday, Mark Bittman published a recipe that turned into a craze - sweeping instant yeast off shelves in New York and inducing a run on Dutch ovens.
1 Servings -
photo Cheddar Tailgating Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Cheddar Tailgating Bread

I hope you’re in the mood for something fantastically warm, gooey, comforting, and most of all, fun. We’re right in the heart of football season and who doesn’t love to bring the snack to the party that everyone can’t stop talking about? That’s exactly what this bread is. And more.
6 Servings - 10 min -
photo Savory Bread Pudding Recipe | Say Mmm

Savory Bread Pudding

If you're looking for a project this weekend, why not make a wonderful and delicious brunch? This strata is the perfect way to start any day. It's decadent and rich without being too filling. A strata is similar to a savory bread pudding; basically it's
10 Servings -
photo Pull-Apart Bacon Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Pull-Apart Bacon Bread

This Pull-Apart Bacon Bread recipe contains refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, bacon strips, shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, olive oil, italian salad dressing mix.
12 Servings - 40 min -
photo Pepperoni Monkey Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Pepperoni Monkey Bread

My friend Paul turned me on to this recipe from Confections of a Foodie Bride and many future ideas for savory monkey bread yesterday. I am inspiRED. Pepperoni Pizza Monkeybread 2 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced 4 Tbsp butter 2...
1 hr 30 min -
photo Blueberry Zucchini Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Blueberry Zucchini Bread

This Blueberry Zucchini Bread recipe contains vegetable oil, brown sugar, white sugar, whole wheat flour, all purpose flour and more.
photo Braided Spaghetti Bread 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Braided Spaghetti Bread

This recipe contains mozzarella cheese, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, parmesan cheese, bread dough and more.
photo Big Sur Bakery Hide Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Big Sur Bakery Hide Bread

From the Big Sur Bakery cookbook, a seed-packed pocket bread recipe contributed by a good friend of the bakery. Sesame, sunflower, flax and poppy seeds, millet, oat bran, and a bit of beer impressively cram themselves into these delicious, hearty rolls.
photo Cinnamon Sweet Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Cinnamon Sweet Bread

This Cinnamon Sweet Bread recipe contains all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, granulated sugar, butter, butter and more.
photo Pumpkin and Cream Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Pumpkin and Cream Bread

This Pumpkin and Cream Bread recipe contains reduced fat cream cheese, all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, whole wheat flour, granulated sugar and more.
14 Servings -
photo Killer Garlic Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Killer Garlic Bread

Tracy's Killer Garlic Bread (recipe by me!) 1 stick salted butter 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon dried dill 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon dried basil pinch ... Skip to Content
photo Glazed Lemon Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Glazed Lemon Bread

Lemon loaf cake with touches of cardamom and honey, with lemon, sugar, and honey glaze.
1 hr 15 min -
photo Olive Cheese Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Olive Cheese Bread

Mmmmm, this is yummy. Three or four years ago, I prepared roasted beef tenderloin, tomato-basil pasta salad, roasted aspa...
12 Servings - 35 min -
photo Strawberry Buttermilk Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Strawberry Buttermilk Bread

I woke up yesterday morning and something felt funny. It felt different. At first I couldn't put my finger on it, and then I suddenly realized that it was sunny. Sun! Glorious sun! We pretty much h...
photo French Bread Rolls Recipe | Say Mmm

French Bread Rolls

I originally posted these rolls nearly three years ago and had been making them a couple of years prior to posting them, which basically means they are one of my longest standing roll recipes, which is saying a
photo Sourdough Bread Bowls Recipe | Say Mmm

Sourdough Bread Bowls

I think I'm going to start annoying people this fall. Have you ever had a friend discover some wonderful new plan for their life and couldn't wait to For special deals and more great content, sign up for the free How To Cook Like Your Grandmother Newsletter.
photo Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread Recipe | Say Mmm

Jim Lahey's No Knead Bread

I imagine many people's weekends were spent like mine - with a bowl of flour, instant yeast and water fermenting in a warm corner of the kitchen as they went about their business, courtesy of Jim Lahey and that kitchen...
1.5 Servings -
photo Cinnamon Swirl Bread 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Super Important Update: Anyone who wants a cupcake hat - please contact Catie at her craft blog. She is an awesome cupcake hat maker!