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photo Healthy Crunchy Homemade Granola Recipe | Say Mmm

Healthy Crunchy Homemade Granola

Ditch those store-bought granola bars that are full of refined sugar and preservatives. Using ingredients from a bulk foods or health food store, you can make homemade, delicious granola. It's good for breakfast, lunch, or as a quick snack. It's...
7 Servings -
photo Sichuan Style Shrimp Recipe | Say Mmm

Sichuan Style Shrimp

Chinese cooks typically stir-fry shrimp in their shells for a more flavorful dish. You can do the same, but we recommend first removing the tiny legs. While rice may seem like the logical side, braised greens, such as chard or spinach, are actually just as traditional. Click here to visit the new home of KitchenDaily!
4 Servings -
photo Mushroom Kale Rice Bowl Recipe | Say Mmm

Mushroom Kale Rice Bowl

A hearty meal in a bowl with kale, rice and savory mushrooms.
4 Servings -
photo Pumpkin Scones 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Pumpkin Scones

This Pumpkin Scones recipe contains spelt flour, butter, rapadura, egg, buttermilk and more.
6 Servings - 15 min -
photo Crock Pot Asian Pork with Mushrooms Recipe | Say Mmm

Crock Pot Asian Pork with Mushrooms

This Crock Pot Asian Pork with Mushrooms recipe contains lean boneless pork, oil, balsamic vinegar, reduced-sodium soy sauce, sliced mushrooms and more.
7 Servings -
photo Beef with Peppers Recipe | Say Mmm

Beef with Peppers

I could eat beef stir fry every day of the week. I had a major hankering for it last night, and decided to throw together a v...
8 Servings - 30 min -
photo Turmeric Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Turmeric Chicken

This Turmeric Chicken recipe contains jasmine rice, chicken, can coconut milk, olive oil, can diced tomatoes and more.
6 Servings - 55 min -
photo Asian Tofu Salad Recipe | Say Mmm

Asian Tofu Salad

The best thing about tofu - besides its nutritional value - is the way it carries other flavors, such as the tanginess of this sesame dressing. Serve
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Asian Grilled Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Asian Grilled Chicken

This Asian Grilled Chicken recipe contains sesame seeds, sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, honey and more.
3 Servings -
photo Chicken Teriyaki Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Teriyaki

This Chicken Teriyaki recipe contains sesame oil, light brown sugar, mirin, vegetable oil, sake and more.
6 Servings -
photo Honey Soy Stir Fried Chicken Recipe | Say Mmm

Honey Soy Stir Fried Chicken

This Honey Soy Stir Fried Chicken recipe contains chicken thighs, honey, Chicken, vegetable oil, wine and more.
5 Servings -
photo Slow Cooked Spicy Asian Beef Recipe | Say Mmm

Slow Cooked Spicy Asian Beef

I had some braising beef to use up, and had not used my slow cooker in quite a while, so decided to fetch it out of the cupboard and put together something | Slimming World Recipes
3 Servings -
photo Stir Fried Shrimp with Spicy Orange Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

Stir Fried Shrimp with Spicy Orange Sauce

You may remember my post from last year, when I was on a mission to go through my old magazines and save any promising recipes while recycling the rest of the magazine.
2 Servings -
photo Sichuan-Style Chicken with Peanuts Recipe | Say Mmm

Sichuan-Style Chicken with Peanuts

The piquant Sichuan Sauce (which doubles easily) works well with almost any stir-fry but particularly enhances dishes with meat, fish and poultry. Whe
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Asparagus and Tofu with Guilin Chili Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

Asparagus and Tofu with Guilin Chili Sauce

Asparagus and Tofu with Guilin Chili SauceI love to stir-fry asparagus. I most often serve it in a Chinese fermented black bean sauce. The slightly funky saltiness of the preserved beans seems to be a Herbivoracious -
4 Servings -
photo Brown Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Brown Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake

A gingery glazed nut topping and brown-butter-spiked cream cheese frosting are the finishing touches for this spectacular spiced pumpkin cake. Double the topping if you want to pile the nuts on as shown in the photo.
8 Servings -
photo Award-Winning Sesame Noodles Recipe | Say Mmm

Award-Winning Sesame Noodles

This Award-Winning Sesame Noodles recipe contains toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, chile paste, green onions and more.
4 Servings -
photo Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Say Mmm

Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls

This Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls recipe contains organic milk.
8 Servings -
photo Chicken Curry 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Curry

This Chicken Curry recipe contains boneless, skinless chicken thighs, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen green peas, cashews, onions and more.
8 Servings - 4 hr 30 min -
photo Eggplant Meatballs Recipe | Say Mmm

Eggplant Meatballs

Back when I used to eat beef, one of my more favorite things to eat were meatballs. I just really enjoyed having them with my spaghetti. Now that I don't eat red meat anymore, I really don't miss it at
4 Servings - 55 min -