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photo Deviled Eggs 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Deviled Eggs

Every self respecting Southerner has a deviled egg plate, usually two. We have one for fancy company and a travel one which has a handy little lid (in the
photo Black Bean and Egg Burritos Recipe | Say Mmm

Black Bean and Egg Burritos

Black beans and scrambled eggs are gently flavored with cumin, garlic and onion. Packed into a tortilla, they make a great breakfast burrito (or serve at lunch or dinner!. You could serve these plain, or with a wide variety of
54 Servings -
photo Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches Recipe | Say Mmm

Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches

These crustless mini quiches are like portable omelets. Turkey sausage and sauteed mushrooms keep them light and savory. Small and satisfying, they�
1 hr -
photo Egg Drop Recipe | Say Mmm

Egg Drop

This Egg Drop recipe contains olive oil, eggs, grated cheese, ham, tomato and more.
photo Spring Asparagus Tart Recipe | Say Mmm

Spring Asparagus Tart

This recipe contains mascarpone, olive oil, asparagus, egg, all-purpose flour and more.
8 Servings - 55 min -
photo Fried Egg Avacado Toast Recipe | Say Mmm

Fried Egg Avacado Toast

Sunny-side-up eggs, fresh sprouts, and salsa amp up avocado toast for a fast, no-fuss meal. It's a sure winner at breakfast, lunch, or...
4 Servings -
photo soba spinach egg Recipe | Say Mmm

soba spinach egg

Sesame Noodles with Wilted Greens is a simple dinner with big flavor and plenty of options for customization. Step by step photos.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Southwestern Eggrolls Recipe | Say Mmm

Southwestern Eggrolls

This Southwestern Eggrolls recipe contains oil, flour tortillas, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, vegetable oil, boneless chicken breast and more.
photo Cinnamon Browned Butter Pull-Apart Loaf Recipe | Say Mmm

Cinnamon Browned Butter Pull-Apart Loaf

This Cinnamon Browned Butter Pull-Apart Loaf recipe contains.
1 Servings -
photo French Tomato Tart Recipe | Say Mmm

French Tomato Tart

A summertime French-inspired Fresh Tomato Tart, baked in a buttery crust with rounds of cheese & fresh herbs--direct to you from the sunny south of France! David Lebovitz - living the sweet life in Paris
photo Classic Eggnog Recipe | Say Mmm

Classic Eggnog

How to make homemade eggnog from scratch.
1.5 Servings -
photo Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch Recipe | Say Mmm

Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch

This Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch recipe contains shredded Mexican cheese, diced green chiles, black beans, corn, spinach and more.
48 Servings -
photo Gluten Free Cannoli Recipe | Say Mmm

Gluten Free Cannoli

cannoli made without gluten, stuffed with fresh ricotta filling, crisp, delicious, sweet, authentic Italian, like they make in the Bronx, but without gluten.
20 Servings -
photo Rigatoni with Eggplant Puree Recipe | Say Mmm

Rigatoni with Eggplant Puree

This Rigatoni with Eggplant Puree recipe contains rigatoni pasta, olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts, grated Parmesan and more.
photo Jalapeno Cheddar Scones Recipe | Say Mmm

Jalapeno Cheddar Scones

This Jalapeno Cheddar Scones recipe contains all-purpose flour, butter, pepper, sharp cheddar cheese, heavy cream and more.
photo Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls Recipe | Say Mmm

Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls

This Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls recipe contains shredded mexican cheese, can black beans, corn, spinach, can diced green chiles and more.
photo Swiss-Meringue Buttercream Frosting Recipe | Say Mmm

Swiss-Meringue Buttercream Frosting

Well, this is my first impromptu post or, well, as impromptu as I can get around here!
15 Servings -
photo Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake

This gluten-free loaf cake is incredibly moist because it's made with olive oil instead of butter. Get the recipe from Food & Wine.
9 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Egg Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Egg Cake

This Egg Cake recipe contains thick-cut bacon, white cheddar cheese, eggs, fresh raspberries, boneless ham and more.
4 Servings -
photo Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche Recipe | Say Mmm

Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche

This is a quiche that is so easy and quick. I make it everytime I have company overnight or for lunch. You can substitute most any meat, ie chicken breast or pastrami or sausage. Also you can use spinach instead of broccoli. I have also added chopped tomatoes, but you need to cook a little longer if you do. I like to serve with crusty bread and a salad. My company always love this and ask for the recipe. Enjoy!
6 Servings - 50 min -