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photo Patriotic Poke Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Patriotic Poke Cake

We pledge allegiance to a cake that shows its colors this deliciously. Serve with fresh blueberries and red strawberries and you'll cause even more revelry.
16 Servings - 4 hr 30 min -
photo Chicken Salad 4 Recipe | Say Mmm

Chicken Salad

Delicious chicken salad with chopped cooked chicken, celery, bell pepper, green olives, apple, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise.
10 min -
photo Orange-Cranberry Dream Recipe | Say Mmm

Orange-Cranberry Dream

We know potlucks aren't a competition, will so win with this. Fruity cranberry gelatin meets mandarin oranges and fluffy cream cheese for an impressively tasty treat.
18 Servings - 4 hr -

Tropical Passion Cocktail

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Food Network Tropical Passion Cocktail recipe from Aaron McCargo, Jr..
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Tropical Passion Cocktail 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Tropical Passion Cocktail

This recipe contains vodka, white grape juice, orange liqueur, apple juice, passion fruit juice and more.
4 Servings - 10 min -
photo Breakfast Banana Splits Recipe | Say Mmm

Breakfast Banana Splits

This kid-friendly treat puts a whole new spin on breakfast. Perfect for little hands to assemble themselves!
2 Servings -
photo Turkey Burgers with Horseradish and Cheddar Cheese Recipe | Say Mmm

Turkey Burgers with Horseradish and Cheddar Cheese

This recipe contains white cheddar cheese, poppy seed, ground turkey breast, extra virgin olive oil, cranberry sauce and more.
4 Servings -
photo Slow-Cooker Cheesy Bacon Strata Recipe | Say Mmm

Slow-Cooker Cheesy Bacon Strata

This cheesy bacon casserole with French bread croutons cooks on low in the slow cooker—resulting in a perfectly cooked strata you'll be proud to serve.
10 Servings - 4 hr 15 min -
photo Sangria 2 Recipe | Say Mmm


This recipe contains apples, orange soda, brandy, oranges, orange liqueur and more.
1 Servings - 45 min -
photo Cookies and Cream Cake Mix Brownies Recipe | Say Mmm

Cookies and Cream Cake Mix Brownies

This recipe contains vegetable oil, eggs, betty crocker fudge.
9 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Coconut Creamsicle Margarita Recipe | Say Mmm

Coconut Creamsicle Margarita

When mid-summer heat hits, it's time for this cool and creamy orange and coconut cocktail.
1 Servings - 15 min -
photo Chocolate Crackle Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Chocolate Crackle Cookies

This recipe contains vegetable oil, all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, eggs, chocolate.
2 Servings -
photo Cranberry Turkey Crescent Ring Recipe | Say Mmm

Cranberry Turkey Crescent Ring

Bring new life to Thanksgiving leftovers with this easy crescent ring meal!
8 Servings - 45 min -
photo Strawberry Cream Parfait Recipe | Say Mmm

Strawberry Cream Parfait

The perfect summer dessert, these parfaits layer a creamy strawberry, marshmallow and whipped topping mixture with crushed chocolate chip cookies.
6 Servings - 1 hr 45 min -
photo Berries 'n NILLA Cream Cups Recipe | Say Mmm

Berries 'n NILLA Cream Cups

Vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries and a mixture of crushed vanilla wafers and toasted almonds are layered for quick-and-creamy dessert parfaits.
6 Servings - 15 min -
photo BBQ Roasted Chicken with Parmesan Potatoes Recipe | Say Mmm

BBQ Roasted Chicken with Parmesan Potatoes

This warm, satisfying chicken and potato dish is a triple play: It's low in fat, it's full of flavor, and it bakes in one pan for easy cleanup.
4 Servings - 55 min -
photo California-Style Barbecue Chicken Pizza Recipe | Say Mmm

California-Style Barbecue Chicken Pizza

BBQ sauce, tasty toppings and triple Cheddar cheese make for an ooey-gooey gourmet pizza ready in about half an hour. Your entourage will thank you.
6 Servings - 33 min -
photo Coconut-Curry Salmon Recipe | Say Mmm

Coconut-Curry Salmon

The triple zing of lime, lively spices and a creamy coconut sauce turn salmon into your ticket to a delectable taste tour. Believe us, it's a trip worth taking.
4 Servings - 25 min -
photo Sloppy/Pizza Joes Recipe | Say Mmm

Sloppy/Pizza Joes

I've tried many recipes, this is the best. I once 'dec-tupled' (10x) this recipe to sell sandwiches at a craft fair at my church. People were waiting in line to buy leftovers. Freezes well, goes up to the lake or camping well and is a hit on's no-fail. Easy to double, triple, etc. I
4 Servings - 45 min -
photo Fiber One Strawberry Smoothies Recipe | Say Mmm

Fiber One Strawberry Smoothies

Looking for a delicious fiber boost? Try a five-minute-prep berry and yogurt smoothie.
2 Servings - 5 min -