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photo Chocolate Toffee Recipe | Say Mmm

Chocolate Toffee

This recipe contains salted butter, sugar, whole blanched almonds, light corn syrup, candy and more.
1 Servings - 1 hr 25 min -
photo Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip Recipe | Say Mmm

Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip

This Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip recipe contains cream cheese, brown sugar, toffee bits, vanilla, cinnamon and more.
photo Sticky Toffee Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Sticky Toffee Cake

This Sticky Toffee Cake recipe contains sugar, nuts, brown sugar, unsalted butter, butter and more.
photo Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

My dad loves English toffee. It's my fallback gift for him when nothing else seems quite right. And seeing that he's tough to shop for in the first place,
42 Servings -
photo Banana-Cream Toffee Shortcakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Banana-Cream Toffee Shortcakes

Delicious banana and toffee shortcakes made using Pillsbury Grands! frozen buttermilk or southern style biscuits are perfect to have with any time meal – ready in 30 minutes.
2 Servings - 30 min -
photo Irish Shortbread Toffee Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Irish Shortbread Toffee Bars

This recipe contains salted butter, bittersweet chocolate chips, can sweetened condensed milk, all-purpose flour, sugar and more.
12 Servings -
photo Toffee Coffee Recipe | Say Mmm

Toffee Coffee

This Toffee Coffee recipe contains chocolate syrup, caramel ice cream topping, cool whip whipped topping, maxwell house decaffeinated coffee.
5 Servings - 10 min -
photo Chocolate Chip Toffee Fudge Cookie Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Chocolate Chip Toffee Fudge Cookie Bars

Quite a name for a cookie bar. But I couldn’t leave any of it out! This recipe is inspired by one I found from pillsbury. I used my own chocolate chip cookie recipe for this treat. You start with a
16 Servings - 45 min -
photo Spiced Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Spiced Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am having a hard time finding my words today. I am not sure why, but lately I find myself fighting writers block.
photo Toffee Coffee for One Recipe | Say Mmm

Toffee Coffee for One

Turn a cup of everyday coffee into a toffee treat by stirring in some chocolate and caramel dessert toppings and adding a dollop of whipped topping.
5 min -
photo Graham Cracker Toffee 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Graham Cracker Toffee

Of all the homemade food treats I gave to friends and family this season, the one that got rave reviews and disappeared all too quickly was this easy Graham Cracker Toffee.
photo Almond Toffee Squares Recipe | Say Mmm

Almond Toffee Squares

A buttery brown sugar crust lends a toffee flavor to these decadent bars. A topping of chocolate, toasted coconut and almonds provides the perfect finish.
32 Servings - 50 min -
photo Toffee-Pumpkin Pie Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Toffee-Pumpkin Pie Bars

This recipe contains butter, brown sugar, gingersnaps, toffee, half-and-half and more.
32 Servings - 30 min -
photo Graham-Pecan Toffee Recipe | Say Mmm

Graham-Pecan Toffee

This homemade toffee candy has a crunchy graham cracker base and topping of pecans and melted chocolate. It's a sweet treat that makes a great holiday gift.
14 Servings - 45 min -
photo Toffee Cheesecake Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Toffee Cheesecake Bars

These melt-in-your-mouth treats are absolutely delicious, and everyone will want seconds. A must for Christmas gift giving. No one would ever guess they’re lighter. —Edie DeSpain, Logan, Utah
30 Servings - 25 min -
photo Graham Cracker Toffee 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Graham Cracker Toffee

Okay. This is one recipe from my blog you HAVE to try! It is SO easy, SO simple, SO fast and OH SO good! My neighbor, Faith, gave us this recipe and we are HOOKED! I could not stop eating these. Everyone who tried them wanted the recipe. The texture, the flavor, the whole recipe …
photo Gooey Toffee Butter Cake Recipe | Say Mmm

Gooey Toffee Butter Cake

This Gooey Toffee Butter Cake recipe contains yellow cake mix, confectioners' sugar, toffee bits, cream cheese, unsalted butter and more.
20 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Cream Soda Toffee Cupcakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Cream Soda Toffee Cupcakes

This recipe contains all-purpose flour, butter, toffee, granulated sugar, brown sugar and more.
18 Servings - 30 min -
photo Chocolate Chip Toffee Nut Cookies Recipe | Say Mmm

Chocolate Chip Toffee Nut Cookies

This recipe contains butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips, flour, brown sugar, nuts and more.
photo Pumpkin Toffee Gooey Bars (Crazyforcrust) Recipe | Say Mmm

Pumpkin Toffee Gooey Bars (Crazyforcrust)

My most favorite gooey bars yet: Pumpkin Toffee Gooey Bars! Filled with pumpkin, spice, and toffee, these are sure to be a hit this fall!