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photo Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? Recipe | Say Mmm

Who Loves Ya Baby-Back?

This Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? recipe contains light brown sugar, white wine, pork baby back ribs, honey, worcestershire sauce and more.
2 Servings - 4 hr 35 min -
photo Gingered-Peach Tea Snacks Recipe | Say Mmm

Gingered-Peach Tea Snacks

This Gingered-Peach Tea Snacks recipe contains crystal light peach flavor iced tea, peaches, jell-o peach flavor sugar free gelatin, ground ginger.
6 Servings - 2 hr 10 min -
photo Vegan Energy Bars Recipe | Say Mmm

Vegan Energy Bars

This is a delicious, healthy raw snack.
3 Servings -
photo Pizza with B.L.T. Topping Recipe | Say Mmm

Pizza with B.L.T. Topping

This Pizza with B.L.T. Topping recipe contains oscar mayer bacon, kraft ranch dressing, tomatoes, lettuce.
6 Servings - 28 min -
photo Sicilian Sausage and Peppers Recipe | Say Mmm

Sicilian Sausage and Peppers

This Sicilian Sausage and Peppers recipe contains fettuccine, refrigerated alfredo sauce, oscar mayer turkey smoked sausage, oil, kraft grated parmesan and more.
4 Servings - 15 min -
photo Carbonara Deep-Dish Pasta-Crusted Pan Pizza Recipe | Say Mmm

Carbonara Deep-Dish Pasta-Crusted Pan Pizza

This Carbonara Deep-Dish Pasta-Crusted Pan Pizza recipe contains ricotta cheese, pancetta, shredded provolone, extra-virgin olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano and more.
4 Servings - 26 min -
photo New Potatoes in Creamy Dill Sauce Recipe | Say Mmm

New Potatoes in Creamy Dill Sauce

This New Potatoes in Creamy Dill Sauce recipe contains new potatoes, milk, dill weed, philadelphia chive & onion cream cheese spread.
6 Servings - 25 min -
photo Crockpot Cowboy Chow Recipe | Say Mmm

Crockpot Cowboy Chow

I make this dish often because everyone likes it, even my pickiest eater. I tell my kids that Cowboy Chow is what cowboys eat while out on the range (wink).
8 Servings - 7 hr 5 min -
photo Double-Berry Martini Recipe | Say Mmm

Double-Berry Martini

Old-school vodka martinis are updated for the holidays with a splash of tangy cranberry and sweet raspberry flavor. All you need now is a sprig of mistletoe.
6 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Mozzarella-Mushroom Melts Recipe | Say Mmm

Mozzarella-Mushroom Melts

Grilled portobello mushrooms and tomatoes are layered on pesto-spread rolls then topped with mozzarella slices for tasty summer sandwiches.
2 Servings - 17 min -
photo Magical Flying Carpets Recipe | Say Mmm

Magical Flying Carpets

This Magical Flying Carpets recipe contains jet-puffed miniature marshmallows, jell-o gelatin.
8 Servings - 1 hr -
photo California Stir-Fry Recipe | Say Mmm

California Stir-Fry

This California Stir-Fry recipe contains boneless skinless chicken breasts, snow peas, bean sprouts, broccoli florets, carrot and more.
4 Servings - 30 min -
photo Sausage, Peppers and Onions Recipe | Say Mmm

Sausage, Peppers and Onions

This Sausage, Peppers and Onions recipe contains sweet italian turkey sausage, extra-virgin olive oil, sandwich rolls, marsala wine, yellow onions and more.
6 Servings - 55 min -
photo Fruited Yogurt Shake Recipe | Say Mmm

Fruited Yogurt Shake

This Fruited Yogurt Shake recipe contains fat-free milk, plain low-fat yogurt, banana, jell-o vanilla flavor fat free sugar free instant pudding.
6 Servings - 10 min -
photo Blueberry Graham Pancakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Blueberry Graham Pancakes

This Blueberry Graham Pancakes recipe contains honey maid honey grahams, flour, honey, milk, blueberries and more.
5 Servings - 20 min -
photo Western Hash Recipe | Say Mmm

Western Hash

A cheesy topping crowns this skillet dish of ground beef, rice, tomatoes, green pepper and onion. It's an easy, family-pleasing meal.
6 Servings - 40 min -
photo Orzo with Roasted Vegetables Recipe | Say Mmm

Orzo with Roasted Vegetables

This Orzo with Roasted Vegetables recipe contains feta, orzo, olive oil, olive oil, eggplant and more.
6 Servings - 1 hr -
photo Blueberry Granola Pancakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Blueberry Granola Pancakes

Blueberry granola pancakes are filled with lots of good grains and even a little fruit so you don't have to feel guilty about serving them for dinner
6 Servings -
photo Fiesta Mac Recipe | Say Mmm

Fiesta Mac

Add a little "Ole" to your mac 'n cheese!
4 Servings - 15 min -
photo Brunch Pancakes Recipe | Say Mmm

Brunch Pancakes

This Brunch Pancakes recipe contains cherry pie filling, philadelphia cream cheese, flour, egg, oil and more.
7 Servings - 25 min -