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photo Lemonade Cheesecake 2 Recipe | Say Mmm

Lemonade Cheesecake

Is Spring in the air, finally, where you live?
8 Servings - 5 min -
photo Frozen Blueberry Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade

This Frozen Blueberry Lemonade recipe contains blueberries, lemonade, fresh mint leaves.
4 Servings - 5 min -
photo Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate Recipe | Say Mmm

Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

This Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate recipe contains sugar, fresh lemon juice, strawberries.
3 Servings -
photo The Ultimate Strawberry Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

The Ultimate Strawberry Lemonade

One of the first times I ever realized that - HEY! I can cook for myself! - was when I first learned to make lemonade. I magically found the refrigerated
2 Servings -
photo Barbecue-Bacon Party Spread Recipe | Say Mmm

Barbecue-Bacon Party Spread

There's a new player at your football party, and it's got game. This creamy, spicy, cheesy dip-with bacon, no less-will give you a clear home-field advantage.
35 Servings - 10 min -
photo Brown Sugar Spice Chex Party Mix Recipe | Say Mmm

Brown Sugar Spice Chex Party Mix

Craving cookies? You have all the same flavors of a brown sugar-spice cookie in this fun party mix, plus the crunch of cereal!
14 Servings -
photo Crescent Christmas Tree (Party Size) Recipe | Say Mmm

Crescent Christmas Tree (Party Size)

Decorate your own edible Christmas tree – baked Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent Dinner Rolls glazed and decorated with candied cherries.
24 Servings - 50 min -
photo Party Cheese Tray Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Cheese Tray

This Party Cheese Tray recipe contains ritz ritz crackers, crackers, cracker barrel vermont sharp-white cheddar cheese, red and green grapes, sprigs fresh rosemary and more.
8 Servings - 10 min -
photo Party Spiral Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Spiral

This Party Spiral recipe contains philadelphia cream cheese, flour tortillas, oscar mayer variety-pak ham and turkey, green or red pepper.
36 Servings - 3 hr 10 min -
photo Easy-Does-It Party Dip Recipe | Say Mmm

Easy-Does-It Party Dip

This Easy-Does-It Party Dip recipe contains oscar mayer braunschweiger, green onions, dill weed, breakstone's reduced fat or knudsen light sour cream.
12 Servings - 1 hr 5 min -
photo Party Ham Sandwiches Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Ham Sandwiches

This Party Ham Sandwiches recipe contains rolls, cracker barrel cracker, oscar mayer smoked ham, butter, poppy seed and more.
24 Servings - 35 min -
photo Party Roll-Ups Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Roll-Ups

This Party Roll-Ups recipe contains flour tortillas, philadelphia chive & onion cream cheese spread, smoked salmon, baby spinach leaves, athenos crumbled reduced fat feta cheese.
16 Servings - 2 hr 10 min -
photo Party Tacos Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Tacos

No need to worry with this Mexican favorite; pre-mixed seasoning and packaged shells makes it ultra-easy.
30 Servings - 3 hr 25 min -
photo Party Shrimp Recipe | Say Mmm

Party Shrimp

The marinade for this dish makes the shrimp so flavorful, you won't even need a dipping sauce. Even those who claim they don’t like shellfish, really dig this appetizer. —Kendra Doss, Colorado Springs, Colorado
30 Servings - 15 min -
photo Iced Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

Iced Lemonade

This Iced Lemonade recipe contains sugar, whole lemons.
photo Pineapple-Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm


A baby shower in a 'You are my sunshine' theme, complete with yummy pineapple lemonade recipe!
photo Watermelon Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

Watermelon Lemonade

This Watermelon Lemonade recipe contains simple syrup, watermelon, lemon juice.
photo Watermelon Lemonade 3 Recipe | Say Mmm

Watermelon Lemonade

This beautifully colored sipper elevates your neighborhood lemonade stand. Be sure to taste the watermelon first. If it's very sweet, reduce the sugar. Offer some refreshment to the planet and economy by going organic and local when you can.
16 Servings -
photo Strawberry Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

Strawberry Lemonade

Ripe strawberries combine with freshly squeezed lemon juice to create a refreshing summer beverage. Add in a little vodka for the perfect adult cocktail.
photo Old Fashion Lemonade Recipe | Say Mmm

Old Fashion Lemonade

This recipe contains sugar, fresh lemon juice, zest.
95 Servings -