Knowledgebase - Restaurants overview

Say Mmm lets you save your favorite restaurants and restaurant history and categorize them as you like.

To add a restaurant, click on the “Restaurants” link and the “Add restaurants” button, or just by adding a restaurant to individual days in your “Plan” area by clicking the “Dine” button. When you add a restaurant the address and map is automatically added based on your zip code in your settings. If the address isn’t correct at first, just click to choose from a list of alternatives.

You can add ratings and categories to restaurants for easy sorting, and some notes of what you think about the restaurant. When you add restaurants in your plan area, the history of when you went and any notes you had will show up on your restaurant page as well.

Your restaurant ideas, ratings and reviews are shared with friends you add to Say Mmm, but not your history. If you want to share recipes more broadly, you can share all your recipes on your profile, create favorite groups of restaurants, or share individual thoughts of restaurants.