Knowledgebase - Planning overview

Your “Plan” area makes it easy to schedule and remember what you are eating. Click “Cook” to enter meal ideas and “Dine” when going out to a restaurant. If you already have entered a meal or restaurant the options should automatically come up as you type and you can just click to add the idea. When entering meals for the first time it is best to separate food items with commas (i.e. Lemon chicken, broccoli, rice). For restaurants, you can just enter the name of the restaurant.

After entering an item, you can notes or a photo by mousing over the item and clicking on “Edit”. You can also click “Move” to reschedule or delete the entry.

The default view is weekly and you can scroll through the weeks or click on a specific day in the calendar. You can also see daily and monthly views of your plan by clicking the on the links at the top center part of the calendar. In the daily view you can plan 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.