Knowledgebase - Mobile Site Overview

Say Mmm lets you see and manage your meal plan calendar, recipes, and shopping list when you are on the go from your phone.  Just login to the mobile site by typing in your mobile phone browser.  You can bookmark this page on your mobile phone and it will remember your login information for next time so it is easy to sign in.

You need to have a smart phone with an Internet connection to access the mobile site.  Examples of smart phones include: iPhones, Blackberries, Android phones, Palm phones.  In some cases, like for Blackberries, you may need to make sure that javascript is turned on for the phone, as the mobile site uses javascript to make some actions faster, like an application would work.  

There is also an Android app that makes it easy to clip recipes from websites from your phone, and sync all your recipes to your phone, Android tablet or Kindle Fire, so it is faster to view, sort and search your recipes.

For iPhones and iPads you can also use the mobile recipe clipper to automatically save online recipes to your Say Mmm account