Knowledgebase - Checklists

Checklists work the same way as shopping lists, so they are just as easy to use, but you can also name Checklists and see them in your regular shopping lists so items can be added from checklists to shopping lists with just a click. Checklists help you remember different things and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of checklists you can make:

  • Pantry list – Manage all your pantry items in one place, and when you are creating your weekly shopping list you can easily scan the items and click what you need.

  • Meals– For things you get often for breakfasts or lunches (lunchmeat, breat, etc.), they can be grouped together for adding to shopping lists

  • People – Whether its baby stuff, school snacks for your 2nd grader, or favorite things your hubby likes, just group them by the person’s name

  • Events – Maybe you go camping often or a birthday party is coming up. Having a checklist can help you remember what to get on these occasions.

  • Stores – You can organize items by stores in the regular shopping lists, but maybe there are stores you go to for bulk items, like Costco, where you might want to keep a separate checklist you could refer to whenever you make a shopping list

  • Wish lists – For things you are thinking about getting or maybe waiting for the right sale, just note them in a checklist .