Evernote FAQ

FAQ - Say Mmm on Evernote

How does it work?
When you authorize Say Mmm to work with your Evernote account, you can use several helpful grocery list features right on Evernote. Here are the main features:

  • Auto-create grocery lists from recipes - Add a "Say Mmm" tag to a note with a recipe or recipe link to create a new note with an organized grocery list and nutritional estimates for that recipe.
  • Organize grocery lists - Add a "Mmm List" tag to a list of grocery items to make a new note with check boxes and items grouped by category.
  • Combine grocery lists - Merge lists in the Say Mmm folder into a single list.

When a Say Mmm feature is used, Evernote sends Say Mmm a notification and Say Mmm will send back the result. Because of the way Evernote synchs notes, it's helpful to refresh or synch your Evernote account after a few seconds to see the updated results.

How long should it take?
Creating a grocery list with the Say Mmm or Mmm List tag should only take a few seconds once the note is saved, but could be a little longer with a slower Internet connection. For combining grocery lists, there is a status page that will indicate when the lists have been merged. Remember that in both cases there is still the time it takes for Evernote to synch the results, and you may need to refresh or synch Evernote to see the updates.

How do you protect privacy?
Say Mmm uses the Evernote OAuth API for logging you in, so we do not know or store your password information. It's safe with Evernote. When you use Say Mmm tags and combine features, we are able to get the information from those notes and create new notes in your account with the organized grocery lists, but we don't store any of the information from the notes we receive or create.

What if items are missing?
There are several challenges in converting natural language text into organized grocery lists with nutritional info, so automatic grocery lists aren't always perfect. We make ongoing improvements to our technology to make it better, and please feel free to send us feedback. Often times simplifying or editing the way an ingredient is written in a recipe can help if it is being missed. Or if the ingredients can't be found for a recipe or link, try pasting just the ingredients into the note or this page on Say Mmm.

Other questions or feedback?
Send us and email at support@saymmm.com