Top Ten Reasons to Meal Plan

Top Ten Reasons to Meal Plan

Nutrition.  Health should always come first.  Meal planning enables you to make healthier choices for your family.  Meal planning puts you in charge of your nutrition, and you will always know what you are eating.  And planning ahead helps you dodge the fast food temptation!

Good food!  Meal planning helps you cook meals you and your family actually enjoy!  It helps you keep track of meals that work, and it keeps you from getting stuck in a rut!  And with meal planning, you will never find yourself staring into an empty cupboard!

Stress.  I would imagine you’ve got enough of it in your life.  Meal planning saves you stress.

Money.  Meal planning saves you money.  Meal planning makes it easier and more efficient to use coupons and to take advantage of sales.  Meal planning also helps you avoid spending money on take out.

Time.  There’s never enough of it.  Why spend it in the grocery store, or in the fast food drive thru?  Meal planning will save you time.  Organization always does!

Family bonding.  Get your kids involved with the meal planning.  Let them have a voice.  Meal planning with your children teaches them that mealtime doesn’t have to be a hectic, harried, scary process, but that it can be calm, fulfilling, and fun. 

Eating together.  Meal planning makes it easier for families to eat together, which has been shown to be beneficial in terms of health, and also in terms of your children’s social development.

Your freezer.  Meal planning will help you use your freezer, and your freezer will save you in a mealtime crisis!

Record.  Meal planning gives you a record, available any time online, of everything you’ve eaten.  It is a great resource to refer back to!

Shopping list.  Meal planning makes the shopping list 300% easier.  No more silly extra items.  No more accidental duplicate purchases.  No more waste!