Knowledgebase - Grocery lists overview

Grocery lists help you remember what you need to get, and you can print them out or check items off dynamically from your mobile phone.  Lists are designed to be simple and get smarter as you use them. There are three main views in the shopping lists: 

  • Item & Groups - This is the default view is designed to make it easy to add items, and shows common items and frequent items you can click to add. It also lets you pull in items from the meal plan if you use that, and it has a feature that lets you add groups of items, like the things you might need for a particular recipe. 

  • Areas & Stores - This view lets you group items by store and area within the store. Areas for some items are automatically grouped for you, and for other items it will remember the area you choose once entered. It will also remember the stores you get items at when you add them, so the more you use it the more categorization becomes automated. Stores can be added on the Area & Stores view, or there is a "Categorize" link on this view that you can check off items and assign them to areas or stores in groups. You can add any stores you like, but there is a fixed set of general areas that can be used (currently we don't have customizable areas or aisles). 

  • Print - The print view will combine similar items and group them for you so its easy to sort and print out. There are also drop down menus at the top that you can use to sort the list in different ways. You can show items in list or paragraph format and grouped by store, by area, by area & store, or with no grouping.